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Use these free card making ideas to create handmade greeting cards of all sorts. Also, get access to card crafting tips and tricks

In making greeting cards, you can either browse through other card making instructions to get inspired, or you can make your own greeting card by coming up with ideas on your own.

Either approach is great. However, the former is far much easier.

Hence, this page gives you access to explore other cards for the inspiration to create your own greeting card.

Also, the included card making instructions save you the time, and energy, of trying to figure out on your own how the cards came together.

As an added bonus, all the instructions here are free. This way, you don’t have to worry about the cost of getting inspired.

By the way, there are new cards added all the time. Plus card making tips and tricks related to the projects.

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Birthday Card Instructions

Funny birthday card with creative message and numbers - thumbnail You Too Can Play an Age Game on the Celebrant with a Funny Birthday Card Like This

This easy to make card is humorous because it plays a numbers game without mentioning age.

It includes card making instructions and a greeting card message to put inside the card.

See how the numbers on the card come together to create most age combinations.

Unique birthday greeting card that looks like a leather purse - thumbnail Hey Diva! It's a Purse-Like Card For You!

Does your celebrant love purses? Then a 3D leather card like this is a no-brainer choice.

Click here for alternative design without the curved card edges.

Golf birthday card thumbnail Golf Your Way into a Greeting Card that’s Absolutely Fabulous

Set off the celebration with this golf birthday card theme that has 3D depth effects.

Click here for tips on aligning the greeting card text along the curved surface.

Kids birthday cards thumbnail A Birthday Card for That Little Princess In Your Life

Get creative by using characters your child likes in your kid's birthday card.

Plus options to decorate and play with the edges to make it fancy.

Click here for tips on creating the greeting card art here without actually drawing it.

50th birthday greeting card thumbnail

A 50th Birthday Card with Elegance and Style

Since a 50th birthday celebration is a big deal, show it by making a birthday card like this one.

Click here for tips on changing some elements of this card to make it more suitable for a loved one.

Unique birthday card that looks like a belt - thumbnail

Here's a Birthday Card that Looks Like a Leather Belt

Want to create a card that makes a fashion statement? Then, here are card making instructions for that.

Click here for tips on aligning the 3D letters without using pencil marks that need erasing later.

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Christmas Card Instructions

Romantic holiday card thumbnail

MMMH, A Romantic Holiday Card without Words? Sign Me Up!

It's true. A love Christmas card could still portray affection without using letters in front.

Click here to find out how. Plus get tips for adding even more subtle romantic expressions to this card.

Christmas symbols card thumbnail

A Christmas Card with Lots of Holiday Symbols

Here's a red double door "Joy" Christmas card you can make with ease.

However, with so many Christmas symbols out there, which ones would you use in making this card?

Click here for a larger picture and see if you can identify all the holiday symbols used in the card.

Purple Christmas card thumbnail
A Unique Christmas Card that's All about Purple

Does someone on your Christmas list love the purple color?

Then consider putting together this simple merry Christmas card that's also easy to make.

Click here to find out why this purple card qualifies as a unique holiday card.

Merry Christmas card thumbnail
A Simple Merry Christmas Card

Get card making instructions for this simple Christmas card with reflective stars on translucent paper.

Greeting card also includes holly leaves that add depth effects with foam pieces.

Click here for card making instructions on creating 3D layers for this Merry Christmas card.

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New Year Card Instructions

New Year greeting card thumbnail A New Year Card That Sparkles like Fireworks

This card uses threads without sewing. So spice it up with various thread types and colors.

Click here to see how to create the glittering fireworks effect.

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Love Card Instructions

Love greeting card thumbnail
This Elegant Love Greeting Card Is Only 8 Simple Steps Away

Say "I Love You" with this simple, elegant, and unique card. The coolest part is that the card suits any occasion. So, what occasion will you use it for?

Click here to see an alternative way of attaching the lace cloth to the skeletal black cardstock.

Unique love card with petals thumbnail
Your Love Card Can Express Affection without Words on the Cover

Here's one way to say "I Love You" with no words on a card. By the way, can you guess what the petals were originally used for?

Click here to see a common error to avoid while cutting this love card. Plus, get funny messages to put inside.

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Valentine Card Instructions

Valentine card thumbnail
A Unique Valentine Card You Can Weave for Someone Special

Get funny valentine message for this card that goes with its woven nature. Plus, choose from nine cover formats. Or, put together your own arrangement.

Click here to choose between portrait styles and landscape styles for this valentine card.

Unique Valentines Day card that's transparent - thumbnail
This Season, Try a Unique Transparent Valentine Card That Portrays "iU"

Get cool valentine messages for this card that goes with its transparent nature. ...Includes card making template.

Click here for access to download the template for the letters. Plus, get other card making tips and tricks.

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Mothers Day Card Instructions

Creative Mothers Day card with origami tulips - thumbnail Easy, Colorful, and Heart Warming Origami Tulips for a Creative Mothers Day Card

Even though this card uses tulips, feel free to customize it by using the origami flower she prefers.

See how to come up with the fading-color-edge effects used on three of the five tulips.

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Anniversary Card Instructions

Creative silver wedding anniversary card for your 6th year - thumbnail Here's One Creative Anniversary Card That's Perfect for Any Year

Every year of your anniversary is special. Not just the milestone years. So, express this by making a lovely and creative card?

Do you know you can further transform this silver theme to suit other jubilees?

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Thank You Card Instructions

Creative thank you card with 3-page hybrid fold A Very Special Thank You Card

Here are card making instructions for this unique thank you greeting card that is perfect to give to someone that did something special.

Get tips and tricks and find out what’s so special about this thank you card.

Greeting card collage made from old greeting cards - thumbnail Have Old Greeting Cards? Reuse, Remake, &, Hence, Recycle Them into a Thank You Greeting Card Collage

How many old or unwanted greeting cards does it take to create one thank you card?

Besides, it's so simple - card making instructions involve only 4 steps.

Click here to see what the card looks like with additional characters thrown into the greeting card collage.

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Invitation Card Instructions

Unique wedding invitation - transparent with rotating pin center thumbnail This Translucent Unique Wedding Invitation Spins!

Here’s one animated wedding invitation you can make. It revolves so that you can use both sides of the card without actually flipping the card over.

See how this card’s prototype helped prevent a blunder. Also, personalize it to suit your wedding theme & color.

Scroll like white unique wedding invitation card that rolls up thumbnail To Scroll or Not to Scroll? That Is the Unique Wedding Invitation Card Question

One way to show that it's time to "roll out the white carpet" is to make a white unique wedding invitation scroll just like this one.

Get tips and tricks to accessorize this unique wedding invitation especially if you have a wedding color or theme.

Pizza party invitation thumbnail A Creative Pizza Party Invitation

Are you hosting a pizza party?

Here are card making instructions for a colorful and creative invitation that's perfect for announcing it.

Click here to see the different materials used in adding depth to this 3-D pizza party invitation.

Unique picnic invitation thumbnail Weave Your Way into a Unique Picnic Invitation

Do you have a picnic or barbecue around the corner? You can weave out a paper picnic mat. Then create a plate, fork, and knife to go on the mat.

Finally, serve this to your guests by transforming it into a picnic invitation and sending to them.

Click here to see how the inside of this weave picnic invitation looks plus one precaution to take in creating it.

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Missing You Card Instructions

Miss you card thumbnail
Use This Funny Card to Say "I Miss You"

This "miss you" card is simple yet unique. Find out why.

Apart from this, there's an alternative design included. Which style do you like?

Click here for different funny card phrases to put inside.

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Thinking of You Card Instructions

Thinking of you card thumbnail
Thinking of You Card with Cat In a Window Art

Download the free cat in a window image. And get card making instructions for this thinking of you card with 3-D window effects

Also, can you guess who made this cat greeting card art?

Click here for access to download the art. Plus, get card making tips and tricks.

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Baby Shower and Announcement Card Instructions

New baby greeting card postage stamp shape thumbnail A Cool Baby Delivery Card That's Funny Too

This creative new baby greeting card looks like a postage stamp. Hence, use the delivery stamp theme to add humor.

Click here to see examples of funny phrases to put inside the card.

Baby shower greeting card diaper shape thumbnail Cute Baby Shower Card That's Easy to Make

Here's a diaper-shaped baby shower greeting card. Plus, get creative by using foam board to add depth for the 3-D effect.

Click here for time saving tips on making the foam board layers.

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