It's a Greeting Card Adventure! Are You Ready?

Do you feel like you have run out of ideas for your greeting card project? Not to worry, we used to feel that way too.

To tackle this crafter's block, we were always on quests for new and creative ideas.

So through the years, we found ways to turn this feat into a pleasant experience.

Hence, this site is simply our family's journey through many ordeals. Plus, the inspiring concepts and ideas that resolved them and transformed them into adventures.

Hope this site sheds some light and helps you with your greeting card ideas, crafts, art, messages, etiquette, and decisions. Enjoy!!

A Few Creative Greeting Card IdeasA Few Creative Greeting Card Ideas

Beginners, Experts, In-Betweeners, All Welcome

Whether you're a beginner, expert, in-betweener, or you can't decide, the ideas here are for you to apply at any level and pace that best suits you.


You don't need to box yourself into a category to utilize the concepts you find here.

Furthermore, in reality, this classification is fluid because an adept in one field could be a newcomer in other areas.

For example, you could be an ace in scroll crafts, but a novice in weaving methods, Spirelli styles, collage forms, deckle effects, stamping techniques, origami options, paper piercing, etc., and vice versa.

By the way, these are just a few of the many crafting techniques, methods, and examples you'll find on this site.

Some Cool Greeting Card Crafting Techniques and Methods - Photo MontageSome Cool Greeting Card Crafting Techniques and Methods.

Still Waiting For that Ever Elusive "Perfect Time" to Work On Your Greeting Card Task?

Generally, better yet, proverbially:

There's no time like the present…

...for you to catch up on that greeting card stuff you've been putting off for a while now.

In other words, with all these ideas here for your perusal, what's still holding you back?

Assumedly, if you procrastinate any further, you may end up having a belated card affair on your hands instead.

Nevertheless, if it gets to that, there are ideas here to help with your belated cards too.

So, Where Will Your Adventure Lead?

Whether you've achieved a lot or nothing-at-all in your greeting card endeavors, there's always room for betterment. Now, where to begin with regards to that?

The good news is, our handmade cards come with free cardmaking instructions. So, that's always a suitable place to start.

Alternatively, perhaps you want to come up with your original creation and, thus, make your distinct greeting card? Then, you'll find free designs, layouts, formats, and templates to utilize as easy starting points and reference marks from which to create your novel sketches, prototypes, and greeting cards.

Some Visual Tools and Concepts to Ease with Designing and Creating Greeting Cards - Photo Montage.Some Visual Tools and Concepts to Ease with Designing and Creating Greeting Cards.

Apart from this, perchance, you already know where you're heading but just want options, variations, and cardmaking tips and tricks to spice up your creations. Then, consider exploring the differences as well as similarities between creative cards and unique cards.

Furthermore, maybe you're reflecting on how best to bring your words to life on that card? Then, look into options to help you put together your own cool greeting card messages too.

Meanwhile, as you ponder through all these, don't forget to check out other visitors' greeting card stories to encourage yourself or to get some laughs. And, while you're there, feel free to tell your greeting card story to inspire others as well.

Needless to say, all these concepts, techniques, tips, and tricks are just tools and tactics to help you turn your greeting card projects, wishes, goals, and dreams into reality.

Hopefully, at the end of it all, your desired outcome and your recipients' reactions will be fulfilling enough to make it all worthwhile.

So, let's get to it!

Oh! And by the way, don't forget to have fun while you're at it.

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