It's a Greeting Card Adventure! Are You Ready?

Do you feel like you have run out of ideas for your greeting card project? Not to worry, we used to feel that way too.

To tackle this crafter's block, we were always on quests for new and creative ideas.

So through the years, we found ways to turn this feat into a pleasant experience.

Hence, this site is simply one family’s journey through many ordeals. Plus, the inspiring concepts and ideas that resolved them and transformed them into adventures.

Hope this site sheds some light and helps you with your greeting card ideas, crafts, art, messages, etiquette, and decisions. Enjoy!!

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Table of Contents

Greeting Card Blog
The Greeting Card Blog gives you the latest from plus the current buzz in the greeting card world. This includes articles, news, card making techniques, and ideas.
Visitors' Greeting Card Stories
See cool greeting card projects & stories contributed by visitors from around the world! You too can join in the fun with your ratings, comments, and contributions.
Make Your Own Greeting Card with Ease: 5 Simple Steps
Get ideas for greeting card formats, design layouts, art, supplies, and messages. Then put them all together to make your own greeting card.
Seriously Interested In Creative Cards? ...Then Jump In!
Deciding on how to make creative cards can be adventurous. Which of the many different styles and methods will you use?
Make Unique Cards with These Simple Transformations
Putting unique cards together is as simple as changing one of the many greeting card elements. So go ahead and give it a try.
Greeting Card Supplies: Cool or Crappy?
The right greeting card supplies can save you time, money, and prevent stress. Here are 10 possible ways to know if you have the right supplies.
Cool Greeting Card Messages and Ideas that Inspire
Get free greeting card messages and Ideas from one-liners to whole verses plus ways to personalize them. Includes tips and tricks on how to come up with your own greeting card sayings.
A Birthday Card Has More to It Than the Words "Happy Birthday"
Before starting that birthday card project, ask this single question. Then get ready to create an amazing card.
Transform Your Christmas Cards: 6 Ways to Do This
Make Christmas cards that are creative and unique, plus add variety with these ideas.
Make Invitation Cards that Are Relevant to That Event You Are Planning
Get ideas on how to use your creative invitation cards to persuade your guests and make them look forward to your party or event.
Free Card Making Instructions for Creating Greeting Cards
Using card making instructions is one of the simplest methods to create your own greeting card. Includes Christmas, birthday, plus various other seasonal, everyday, and special occasions... all free.
Free Card Making Tips and Tricks of All Sorts For Your Projects
Add variety with these card making tips and tricks. Plus get quicker and easier card crafting options. Also, get access to card making instructions actually associated with the tips and tricks.
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