Make a Purse-Like Unique Birthday Greeting Card that Suits a Diva

Get card making instructions, greeting card messages, plus tips and tricks for adding some purse-content-art inside this 3D unique birthday card

Why make a unique birthday greeting card that looks like a purse?

In truth, using a theme or fashion symbol that the celebrant loves is one of the coolest ways to make a birthday greeting card.

Unique leather birthday greeting card that looks like a purse

However, take it to the next level by adding a unique feature to the card. In this case, a leather-textured purse card for that diva you know is an awesome way to go. By the way, this kind of material is available in craft stores.

If a purse won’t do the trick, think of another fashion symbol like a unique belt birthday card.

Greeting Card Message Ideas

Another point of making a cool card like this is that you can use the concept to create the greeting card message.

Here are a few examples:

Time to celebrate your birthday...
...'Divalisious' style!


Here's a purse looking card
For the Diva that loves
And owns every other purse in the world

Happy Birthday!

Tools and Materials

Leather Greeting card materials for unique birthday greeting card that looks like a purse
  • 12” x 12” lime green leather like material or paper available in craft stores

  • 12” x 12” lime green cardstock paper

  • 1” x 2” metallic silver cardstock paper

  • Thick black dimensional (3D) lettering stickers

  • Drawing pencil

  • Eraser

  • Circle template

  • Circle cutter

  • Scissors

  • Metal ruler

  • Scoring stick

  • Cutting mat

  • Craft cutting knife

  • Glue

Card Making Instructions

  1. Glue the green leather material onto the green cardstock paper. This rigid card stock firms up the leather material.

  2. From this, cut out a 8” x 12” piece.

  3. Using the 8” diameter curves, draw and cut out all four corners.

  4. Birthday greeting card making instructions step 3
  5. Score and fold this piece into a 4” x 8” pamphlet fold card format.

  6. On the metallic cardstock, draw and cut out a trapezoidal buckle with 1.5” top, 2” botthom, and ⅛” radius corners.

  7. Birthday greeting card making instructions step 5
  8. Glue this piece on the bottom of the card cover.

  9. Birthday greeting card making instructions step 6
  10. Finally, using the 3D letters, create “Happy Birthday Diva” on the card.

  11. Birthday greeting card making instructions step 7

    Cool Trick

    Birthday greeting card making tips and tricks 1

    There’s probably no way to clean pencil marks after gluing the letters.

    Hence, instead of pencil marks, use solid object like ruler to align the letters.

With that, the card is done. Nevertheless, here are a few more things to consider:

Card Making Tips and Tricks

Purse content art to put inside the purse-like unique birthday greeting card

Feel free to apply your creativity inside the card.

For example, use purse art and graphics sheets and stickers to create items you'll find inside a purse.

Alternative Designs

Alternative unique birthday card design format

Instead of circular or curved edges, a different option is slant edges.

Unique birthday card that looks like a belt

Also, if a purse is not the celebrant's favorite, try a belt birthday card or something else.

Unique leather materials greeting card supplies of various colors

Finally, If green is not the celebrant's favorite color, there are so many other leather colors to choose from in the craft stores.

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