Why Make a Purple Christmas Card?

Find out what's unique about this holiday card. Also, get funny Christmas card verses, card making instructions, plus other tips and tricks

Consider making this purple Christmas card for that person on your Christmas shopping list that loves the color purple.

Yes, even though it's the symbolic color for royalty, purple is not one of the many Christmas colors. And that is why this card falls into the category of unique Christmas cards.

Purple Christmas Card

For that same reason, you'll make that purple lover feel you just gave her or him the best Christmas card ever!

Want to get funny Christmas greeting card verses for this card? Use purple in the words

You've taken a bold step to create a beautiful purple holiday card. Why not go all the way and finish off with purple Christmas greeting card sayings too. It certainly adds humor to the card:

Hope your holiday is as bright,
Beautiful, and purple as ever

May God bless you at Christmas and Always!

That's not all! You could also use:

Dreaming of a purple Christmas?
I guess your wish just came true!

Merry Christmas!

Do you like these funny Christmas card verses? Great! Now, here's how to make the card:

Tools and Materials

  • 4 shades of purple 8.5” x 11” cardstock paper from lightest to darkest shade

    • The darkest one is a weave-textured cardstock for the body of the purple Christmas card

    • The lightest one for the part you will stamp ink on

  • Rubber stamps

  • Purple ink pad

  • Scissors

  • Sliding paper trimmer

  • Single hole punch wheel

  • Double hole punch wheel

  • Metal ruler

  • Scoring stick

  • Hole piercing mat

  • Glue

Card Making Instructions

  1. Use the rubber stamps and purple ink on the lightest shade of purple to create what you want the front of the card to read.

    The card here reads “Merry Christmas to You” within an imaginary 2.75” x 2” box.

    The lettering is not aligned on purpose. If you would rather align the text, you can use this cool trick below.

  2. Purple Christmas card step 1

    Cool Trick

    To align the text, simply place the rubber stamp against a rigid material like a block when stamping it on the paper.

  3. cut out a 3.5 x 3” rectangle with the stamped ink lettering in the middle of the rectangle.

  4. Place this rectangular piece of paper on the hole piercing mat. Then use the single hole punch wheel to create a single “stitch” around the rectangle about ⅛” from all the edges. Then place this aside.

  5. Cool Tip

    If you can't find a hole piercing mat, another option is a cork-board.

  6. Take the darkest shade of cardstock paper and score it straight in the middle so that it folds into two equal 8.5" x 5.5" sides. Use this cardstock for the main body of the purple Christmas card.

  7. Cut out two 2.25” x 3” rectangular pieces of paper from each of the two remaining purple cardstocks. Hence, these equal a total of four rectangular cardstock pieces.

  8. Place the cardstock on the hole piercing mat. And use the double hole punch wheel to create a double “stitch” around each of the four rectangular pieces ⅛” from all the edges.

  9. Place these four pieces of paper on the front face of the folded cardstock. And align them such that they are offset about ¼” horizontally and ½” vertically from each other.

  10. Once you are satisfied with the alignment, pick these four pieces up one by one and glue them in place on the very front of the card.

  11. Then pick up the rectangular piece that has "Merry Christmas to You" stamped on it. Then glue it at a slight angle in the middle of the card.

And just like that, the purple Christmas card is finished.

Other Tips and Tricks

  • You can use light purple ink or white ink to write inside the dark purple card.

  • Another alternative here is to use a dark purple ink or black ink on a light purple 3.5" x 6.5" cardstock. Then glue this piece of paper inside the card.

  • To add variety, reverse the order of the shades. In other words, use lightest shade for the actual folded card. And use the darkest cardstock for the "Merry Christmas to You" part with light purple ink.

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