Free Card Greetings and Ideas for Personalizing Your Greeting Card Salutations and Valedictions

Get ideas on sandwiching your greeting card messages with nicknames for special introductions and complimentary closes to use on various occasions. Includes tips and tricks on coming up with your relatable card greetings

Card greetings are the hellos and goodbyes you signify inside your greeting card messages. Thus, the salutation you use defines how much of a good first impression you make with your greeting card sayings. On the same note, the valediction is how you finalize the delivery to seal the deal as far as expressing yourself is concerned. For example:

To My Gracefully Radiating Muse,
From Your Enchanted Admirer

Needless to say, the coolest way to initiate your greeting card sentiments is to use the nickname you have for that person. Once you start with this, then it’s best to come full circle and sign off your greeting card verses with the nickname that person has for you.

Don’t have nicknames or pen names for each other? Then consider this a peradventure to put down what you want that person to call you and vice versa. For instance:

To My Better Half,
From Your Better Half

If you feel the person won’t know who the greeting card expressions came from, then include your name afterward. However, in truth, if your nickname is not enough for that person to know who sent the greeting card poems, then you’ve probably picked the wrong nicknames.

Fixing this is easy. Simply come up with more relatable nicknames. To that effect, the rest of the page has some ideas and examples for you to use, including tips and tricks to help you come up with your own card greetings.

Use that song or movie you both love

Jerry Maguire You Complete Me Picture

You can utilize famous quotes from a familiar movie or song you both know or like.

For instance, the famous lines “you complete me” and “you had me at hello” from the movie, Jerry Maguire, becomes:

To the One Who Completes Me,
From the One You Had at Hello

Empathize about your distance apart due to the military

For soldier about to deploy:

To the One Deploying with My Heart,
From the One Praying for Your Safe Return

Modify for soldier already in deployment:

To the One that Deployed with My heart,
From the One Praying for Your Safe Return

Embrace those quirks by romanticizing them

In other words, romantically personalize the good or bad habits either one of you have:

To the One Who Keeps Me Warm On Cold Nights,
From the One Who Turns Down The A/C Temperature

Feel free to get more specific:

To The One that Sleeps on My Chest,
From the One Who Enjoys Every Minute of It

If the roles are reversed, then:

To the One Whose Heartbeat Puts Me to Sleep,
From the One Who Enjoys Falling Asleep on You

Alternate variation:

To the One Whose Heartbeat Is My Lullaby,
From the One Who Falls Asleep On Your Chest

Consider those common interests

Your common interests are always a great source of ideas for your greeting card salutation and complimentary closes. Examples you can use in your greeting card phrases include:

To My Dear Rock Climber,
From the One Who Shares Your Passion

To My Skywatcher,
From Your Fellow Skywatcher

Better yet, you can romantically personalize them even further:

To My Dear Rock Climber,
From the One Who Climbs Just to Be with You

To the One Always Gazing at the Stars,
From the One Always Gazing at You

To the One I Refuse to Climb Without,
From the One Who Loves Climbing with You

Still gushing over the marriage proposal?

Was the marriage proposal quite memorable? Then reminisce about that in the card greetings.

To The One Who Proposed,
From The One Who Is Glad You Did

To The One Who Said “Yes!”
From the One Who Finally Popped the Question

Better yet, modify further by adding some humor about the proposal:      

To The One Who Proposed,
From The One Who Is Glad You Didn’t Wait Any Longer

To The One Who Proposed,
From the One Wondering Why It Took You So Long

To The One That Said “Yes!”
From The One Who’s Glad You Didn’t Say “No”

Utilize known statements and quotes

You can use one-liners from famous quotes and greeting card poems to create your own card greetings. For instance, the famous one-liner “You Stole My Heart” becomes “To the One Who Stole My heart” and vice versa. For instance:

To the One Who Stole My Heart,
From the One Who Is Glad You Did

Other variations from this quote include:

To the One Who Holds My Heart,
From the One Who Gladly Gave It Away

To the Darling That Stole My Heart,
From the One Whose Heart You’ve Stolen

What about the reason for the card?

Consider bringing the celebration or reason for the card greetings into the mix:

To the Awesome Celebrant,
From the One Gladly Celebrating You

For encouragement in an exam

To the One Facing the Exams,
From the One Cheering You On

For encouragement in a journey

To the One Embarking on a Journey,
From the One Praying for Your Safe Return

Friends and family are fair game as well

Don’t forget to bring your friends and family into your greeting card writings. For instance, here’s one from one mother to another:

To the Coolest Mom I Know,
From the Appreciative Mom that Loves You

This also works from a grandmother to the mother of her grandchild and vice versa. Nonetheless, you can do the same from one grandfather to the father of his grandson and otherwise:

To the Best Dad I Know
From the Proudest Dad That’s Thankful for You

If you can’t be specific, then generalize

This means, if you know a lot about each other, then use that to your advantage:

To the One Who Knows Me Like an Open Book,
From the One Who Appreciates Your Devotion

To the One Whose Life Is An Open Book,
From the One Who Loves Memorizing Every Page

If all else fails...

Still uncertain about how to proceed? Indeed, if all else fails, go back to the basics and start with simpler terms for your card greetings. Then sign off by simply complementing the opening nickname. For instance:

To My Dearest,
From Your Dearest

To My Prince,
From Your Princess

To My King,
From Your Queen

To the Love of My Life,
From the Love of Your Life

To My One and Only,
From Your One and Only

To My Dearest Sweetheart,
From Your Loving Sweetheart

So, what other card greetings come to mind?

At this point, hope you’ve realized that there are always new nicknames up your sleeve if you’re willing to take a little time to think about them. This is because you can modify your card greetings from simple salutations to complex valedictions and sign-offs that’ll suit whatever occasions and greeting card messages you have in mind. So go for it!

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