Get Cool Greeting Card Messages and Ideas that Inspire: 3 Ways For This

Get free greeting card verses and Ideas from one-liners to whole verses plus ways to personalize them. Includes tips and tricks on how to come up with your own card sayings

Good greeting card messages come from a place of sincerity. Whereas, the best greeting card sayings come out of something unique, intimate, and unexpected. Intimate, in this sense, means something only you and that person share, know, or appreciate.

Not sure if this relates to you? Not to worry. That’s what this page is all about!

The card is all about the message. If not, what’s the point?

Even if you make or buy the most beautiful, elaborate, and sophisticated card in the world, it wouldn’t matter if the person you give it to doesn’t get the point. Thence, since the message is key, this page will help you choose the right one.

There are three categories of greeting card messages here. The first part involves coming up with something quick. The second segment relates to doing a little bit of research. The third section will surely get your creative juices pumping with ideas.

1st category: I don’t want to say much

When you don’t want to say much on the card, it’s time to pull out all the one liners you have.

One-liners to the rescue!

One cool thing about one-liners is that, their simplicity makes them attractive and humorous for greeting card messages. Apart from this, they can go nicely with different kinds of cards and occasions.

For example, here’s a one liner that goes with birthday, thank you, Mother’s day, Father's day, and many more:

You’re the best!

Other examples include:

Thank you cards:

Words cannot express how grateful I am

Love cards:

Your love has left me speechless

2nd category: I want to say a little

When you want so express yourself in a simple way, there are a few things to pick from. They include rhymes, famous quotes, and other ideas for your greeting card messages.

Rhymes, poems, and famous quotes

The key to using famous quotes, rhymes, and greeting card poems is transforming them to suit the card or occasion. This means you may have to add a few of your own words afterwards. Either way, always mention the author. This means, if it’s anonymous, say so.

However, from time to time, you’ll run into those that you don’t need to modify just like in this funny birthday card poem example:

Although I'm trying very hard
To sound unlike a birthday card,
That's all this is: so you may find it
Full of all that lies behind it
Admiration; friendship too;
And hope that in the future you
Reap ever richer revenue.
- Philip Larkin

You can search online for free greeting card poems, rhymes, and famous quotes like this one to use for your greeting card messages. Not to mention, there are huge books on these topics as well. This means, alternatively, you can visit a library to research greeting card compliments.

Lines from a favorite movie, music, or show

Know a funny line from your favorite movie, show, game, or music? Then put that in the greeting card messages. Just remember to reference the person who used it.

Jerry Maguire You Complete Me Picture

Truthfully, it’s possible that the lines and phrases already existed long before those movies, music, or shows. However, having such references give the lines essence and turns ordinary sentences into famous quotes.

For instance, some of the lines that never get old include the ones in the movie Jerry Maguire:

You complete me
- Jerry Maguire

You had me at hello
- Dorothy Boyd in Jerry Maguire

So what lines can you recall?

3rd category: I want to come up with something special

You don’t have to wait for special occasions to send special greeting card messages. Therefore, special events or not, the longer you’ve known the person you’re sending the card to, the easier it is to have something vivid to say. So, let’s look at ideas to help explore these options.

It all starts with the name, nickname that is

Your card greetings are cool nicknames and titles for that person you’re giving the card. Just like a catch phrase, a nickname is the best way to draw your card recipient in. This could range from common names to special titles, team-names, inside jokes, and experiences you shared with that person.

Just remember to keep it real. This means, don’t force it and don’t fake it. Examples include:

Dearest Sweetheart,

To My Fellow Sky-Watcher,

To My One and Only,

There’s more on names: name related verses

Do you know that you can apply that person’s name in the greeting card messages too? The most common way is to use the name as an acronym to spell out something special. The only downside to this comes to light if the name has letters that are difficult for you to expand on.

That’s why this concept works well with verses on huge festivals like abc's for Christmas greeting card verses and abc's for Easter card verses because it’s easy to expand on those festivities. For example:


Let me spell out my Christmas wish:

B for the Baby Jesus
O for the Ornaments shimmering on the tree
B for Bethlehem, where the wise men went

Yes. All I want for Christmas is You.

Lines from a favorite movie, music, or show, but with a twist

Yes, I know this might seem like a repeat of the same topic above, but it’s not. The difference is that, the earlier topic referred to playing it safe and picking lines from your favorites. On the other hand, this topic refers to doing the exact opposite and selflessly picking lines from the recipient’s favorites to use in the greeting card messages.

This involves going above and beyond to know and use what he or she likes. That’s the twist! This single trick is important because it can transform those lines into the best greeting card messages ever!

As always, don’t forget to include the author of any known, anonymous, or famous quotes you use to create your greeting card poems and messages. For example, these lyrics from one of my spouse’s favorite songs reference both the song and the artist:

God gave me you for the ups and downs
God gave me you for the days of doubt
For when I think I've lost my way
There are no words here left to say, it's true
God gave me you!
- God Gave Me You by Dave Barnes

Sayings inspired by your card features

Okay, you’ve created an exceptional greeting card for that wonderful person, now what? Have you ever stopped to consider that there are features of your cards that you can use to create the greeting card messages? This is otherwise known as card inspired sayings.

Consequently, to put this together, just use the cool features of your creative cards to come up with the creative greeting card phrases. On the same note, you can use the special features of your unique cards to create the unique greeting card verses.

As an example, here’s a funny birthday card message inspired by a card I made that looks like a leather belt:

Unique birthday card that looks like a belt - thumbnail

For your big day,
Here's one belt
You never have to unbuckle.

Have a wonderful birthday!

Unique Birthday Card - Belt Art

Want more card inspired greeting card sayings and examples like this one?

Turn to text acronyms and abbreviation when appropriate

Using text lingoes and cyberspace jargon like abbreviations and acronyms is tricky because you don’t want to seem like you’re too lazy to fully spell out what you mean.

Therefore, this method makes better sense if you are quite different from the person you’re giving the card. In other words, it works if you don’t normally use the abbreviations but the recipient does. That way, it’s obvious that you went out of your way to create the greeting card messages in order to surprise and impress him or her.

For example:

I heart (love) you
Because you’re wonderful
See you later


I <3 U
Bcoz ur 1drfl
C u l8r

On the other hand, if you normally use these abbreviations and acronyms all the time, it may not be a good idea to apply them in your cards if they’ll water down the effect. Instead, look for something else that stands out. There are many other ideas to choose from on this page as well as other places.

Not a special occasion? No problem!

greeting card sentiments in flower delivery card note - thumbnail

Remember, you don’t have to wait for special occasions to send greeting card messages. As a matter of fact, the most appealing greeting card sentiments come from spontaneous situations.

For example, here are the greeting card sentiments I printed on the tiny card that identified the flowers I sent to my spouse a few years ago when we were neck deep in packing, re-packing, moving, and relocating:

Thanks for being my ray of sunshine
in this crazy storm.
There’s no way I could have done it without you.
I love you more than words can express.

Repeat something from an old card he or she gave you

greeting card sentiments handwritten love card - thumbnail

If you are like me and the majority of the rest of the world, then you’ve probably stored some of the greeting cards you’ve received in the past. If so, then it may be time to dig those cards out of your closet and repeat a few lines from them. Preferably, use the handwritten parts of the greeting card sentiments.

This not only sends the message that you kept the card, but it lets the person know that you cherished the card enough to revisit it at a later occasion.

With this, the farther back in time you go, the better the surprise, emotion, appreciation, and overall experience for both you and the recipient. So don’t be lazy and just pick the first card you see.

Also, remember to reference when you got the card. If you can’t recall this, then reference the event, occasion, or why that card was significant to you. Here’s an example from a thank you card my family got from another couple years ago:

I just can’t thank you enough
for all you’ve done.
You were there with a helping hand
just when I needed it most...
ready to pitch in
and do whatever you could.
You gave something very special - your time -
and I’ll always remember you for it.
- From the thank you card you sent us in 2005

Thank you for being ever so dear to us.

It’s important to mention that this is not a license to plagiarize or otherwise duplicate original or copyrighted materials without permission. It’s just an idea to juggle your memory. As already mentioned above, the handwritten words on the cards are what you should aim for.

Dig out old letters, texts, tweets, and emails he or she sent to you

greeting card sentiments from old texs 2 - thumbnailt

For this, extract a few words from a letter, text, or email that he or she sent to you and use those words in the greeting card sentiments. The words may not be sophisticated or elaborate but the gesture simply shows how much you cherish them.

Here's an example using a text I got from my better half:

Hey Honey, how are you doing?
I’m just sitting here
thinking about how blessed I am
to have someone
as valuable as you in my life.
Baby I am rich in your love.
You are priceless!
Talk to you soon.
- From your text of 9/18/2008

Thanks for making my day then and now.
I love you!

Of course, I changed the abbreviations like "u r" into "you are," and you should do the same.

Repeat the words you already used years ago

greeting card sentiments from Valentines love letter - thumbnail

Do you have something special you sent to that person a few years ago in a card, text, tweet, email, or letter? Then consider repeating it. This adds significance especially if your views haven't changed or, better yet, if your views are much stronger now.

In fact, the words don't have to be exceptional or great... just has to be you.

Additionally, you can conclude the greeting card sentiments with something like “I still mean every single word today just as I did 5 (or 10, 20, etc) years ago.”

Here's an example using a text I sent to my soul mate about ten years ago:

If you were a tear in my eye,
I would never cry because
I wouldn’t want to lose you!
- my text to you in 2003

I still mean every single word today
as I did decades ago.

I don’t recall why I was versing about crying but I know the text, and many more like it, are still on my phone after countless years. And I doubt if I will ever delete them.

It all ends with the name too!

If you started with an awesome nickname for your card greetings, as already discussed above, it makes no sense to end in a blah way. Why? Everything else you’ve done with the greeting card messages up to that point may seem like they were accidents. Instead, finish with a nickname he or she has for you.

Don’t have one? Then regard this as your chance to figure out what you want him or her to call you.

Alternatively, you could even put down what you have in common. Here's one example:

To My Dear Rock-Climber,
From the One Who Shares Your Passion

Apart from this, you could match the name you started with. For instance:

To My Prince,
From Your Princess

To the One Who Stole My Heart,
From the One Whose Heart You’ve Stolen

To the Love of My Life,
From the Love of Your Life

Still not sure how to close? Then consider looking into various card greetings to find ideas about figuring out the nicknames that apply to you.

Remember, do not plagiarize, duplicate, or use original or copyrighted materials without permission

It’s worth repeating that this page and site is not a license to plagiarize, duplicate, or otherwise use any original or copyrighted materials from anywhere without permission. Instead, it’s just a page filled with educational ideas to inspire you as you look for ways to put together and personalize greeting card messages that he, she, or they will surely value.

So, what else can you throw into the mix?

I hope by now that you’re convinced that you can come up with simple one liners as well as special greeting card messages. It may require you to do a little research or to study that person for a while but it’s so worth it afterwards. Not to mention, there are all sorts of resources on greeting card sayings. Thence, do not limit yourself.

How Have You Used Your Favorite Greeting Card Messages?

Do you have any cool greeting card verses you would love to share? Whether you came up with your own or used your favorite poems, rhymes or quotes to create the greeting card sayings, you can share it below.

By the way, what occasions and events did you use the messages for?

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