Use Christmas Greeting Card Verses In ABC to Spice Up Your Card: 3 Ways to Do This

Create funny and personalized Christmas card messages by using the person’s name to spell out Christmas

This season, for your Christmas greeting card verses, don’t just make a Christmas card with ordinary phrases. Instead, use holiday greeting card messages in abc form to personalize the project.

Also, this is a cool way to put together a funny greeting card message.

It’s pretty simple. Just use the abc-related Christmas greeting card messages to spell out the person’s name.

There are three basic ways to transform the verses to suit your purpose.

1. Modify it to suit a child

This is the easiest one to do. Simply reduce the sentences, making them much shorter.

If you feel it’s still too complicated for the child, then reduce each sentence to a single word.

For example:


Your name means:

A - Angel
L - Love
E - Elf
X - Xmas

Hurray! You are a Christmas boy!

2. Transform it to appeal to grownups

Here is an example on this:


Do you know that:

B stands for Bethlehem, where it all began
E represents Eggnog, a very merry drink
N is for Noel, the best season of the year

So you see, your name reflects the season.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

3. Transform it for a loved one

The key here is to make it sound romantic.

The easiest way to do this is to introduce or close the poem with a statement from the heart.

For instance:


Let me spell out my Christmas wish:

T for the Three wise men that visited the Baby
O for the Ornaments shimmering on the tree
M for the Miracle of immaculate birth

Yes. All I want for Christmas is You.
Merry Christmas My Love

Here's the whole list: have fun with it

Did you enjoy the different methods and examples? Great. Here is the whole abc list of Christmas greeting card verses.

So go ahead and spell that name out …the merry way.

  1. Atonement that we get through Christ
    The second Adam’s birth
    Angel, the announcer of good tidings

  2. Birth in a manger
    Bethlehem, where the wise men traveled to
    Bells that jingle all the way
    Baby Jesus

  3. The Christ
    Second Chance that this new birth gives

  4. Dreams that came to life with the birth of Christ

  5. Egypt, where the baby had to go
    The Elf that happily makes toys

  6. Frankincense, a gift from the three wise men

  7. Gold, a gift from the three wise men

  8. Holly, a wonderful Christmas plant
    Herod, the king that didn’t wanted baby Jesus as king
    Humility, the sum of it all

  9. Incarnation, God born as a man

  10. Jerusalem
    Joy to the world
    Jesus, the reason for the season

  11. The three Kings that brought gifts to Bethlehem

  12. The new Life we now have in Christ
    The Love that became flesh
    Christmas Lights shining all night long

  13. The Miracle of immaculate birth
    Mary the ever blessed mother
    Myrrh, a gift from the three wise men
    Manger, where Christ was born

  14. Noel, the Christmas season come to life
    The Nativity

  15. Ornaments shimmering on the tree

  16. Peace on earth
    Purity that leads to a virgin birth

  17. The wise men’s Quest led by a shining star

  18. Reindeer, for making Santa's sleigh fly

  19. Saints, which we all become once we believe
    Salvation, which is why Jesus was born
    Shining Star. leading to the birth place
    Shepherds, who heard the angels announce the birth

  20. The Topper that completes the Christmas tree
    Three wise men, the first to bring gifts

  21. The melodious Uproar that goes on all over the world

  22. Virgin Mary, chosen for a miraculous birth

  23. Worship, that’s what the wise men did at the manger
    Wise men who were also kings
    Wreaths, hung to celebrate the season

  24. Xmas, the most wonderful time of the year

  25. Yuletide, the wonderful Christmas season

  26. The Zany way we all feel on Christmas day

All good things come to an end. Hence, this is the end of the abc list of Christmas greeting card verses.

I bet that, at the beginning of the list, you were wondering if it would go all the way to x, y, and z. It sure did!

However, there are so many other words that will fit perfectly on this list. Some words here may even suit other lists like abc for Easter card verses. So what other Christmas greeting card verses in abc format can you think of?

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