3 Ways to Use Easter Card Verses from ABC to Transform Your Projects into Funny Easter Greeting Card Messages

Simply use ABC Easter greeting card verses to spell the person’s name in your card

Here’s one cool way to have fun with your Easter card verses. Just play around with the person’s name by relating it to some of the numerous Easter meanings, symbols, and sentiments.

Here are three cool ways to try this out.

1. Change it for your little one

The subheading says it all. In this case, simplify the Easter card verses into single words.

For instance:


Your name stands for:

L - Last Supper
O - Obedience
L - Lashes
A - Angel

So, Easter is for you!

2. Modify it to suit adults

Here are the Easter card verses for this example:


Believe it or not,

R is for the Resurrection of Jesus
O stands for Jesus' Overzealous sacrifice
B represents the Burial in the cave

So have a fulfilling Easter celebration.

3. Alter it to suit a loved one

There are so many ways to modify the Easter greeting card messages to suit a loved one. However, the simplest method is to add something romantic to the beginning or end of the Easter card verses.

For example:


You are my Easter miracle because

D is for the Donkey He rode into Jerusalem
E is for Easter, the celebration of the season
B is for that precious Blood of Jesus

And that’s just one of the many reasons
Why I love you dearly
Happy Easter My Sweetheart.

Now, here’s the complete list, A to Z. Enjoy!

Were the examples above useful? Then use the whole list of abc Easter card verses below to spice up the season and make that person happy.

  1. Atonement that we get through Christ’s death
    Ass, the donkey He rode
    The second Adam’s death
    The Angel that rolled away the stone from the cave
    The Anguish He went through on the Cross
    April, one of the months of the season

  2. That precious Blood of Jesus
    The Bleeding that Jesus Endured
    The Betrayal of Judas
    Believing by faith
    The Burial in the cave
    Barabbas, who was released instead of Jesus
    The Bunny that hops for fun

  3. Crown of thorns on His head
    His Crucifixion
    Christ the Risen King
    The second Chance that His death and resurrection brings
    The Cross He bore
    Cock Crowed thrice to signify Peter’s denial
    Casting lots for His clothes
    Calvary, the place of His death

  4. The Donkey He rode into Jerusalem
    His Death on the Cross
    The Darkness that His light destroyed
    The Disciples, twelve to be exact

  5. Eternal Life, the aftermath of His resurrection
    Easter, the celebration of the season
    Eggs, that make the hunt fun

  6. The Festivities of the Easter Season
    Good Friday, the day He died.
    The Flowers that spring to life with the season

  7. For He conquered the Grave
    Golgotha, a hill near Jerusalem where Jesus was crucified
    For His Grave was a cave

  8. His Humility to the end
    The Healing from His Blood
    By His stripes we are Healed
    The Hares that hop for fun
    Hide-and-Seek, the game played in Easter
    Hosanna, the people sang it loud and clear

  9. Indigo Irises, a flower of the season
    The Invitations that go out near and far

  10. Jerusalem, where He was crucified
    Joy to the world because He is risen
    Jesus, the reason for the season
    Judas Iscariot that betrayed Him
    Jellybeans, the more the merrier

  11. King of the Jews, the title on His Cross
    Kiss, the signal to Judas’ betrayal

  12. The new Life that births from His death
    The Lashes He endured
    The sacrificial Lamb that Jesus became
    Love, for God so loved the world that He gave His only Son
    Lilies, Lavenders, Lilacs, and the many Lovely flowers
    Lots, that were cast for His clothes
    The Last Supper
    Life Eternal

  13. The Miracle of resurrection
    Mary, the mother that helplessly watched her Son die
    The Messenger that announced “He is risen!”
    March, one of the months of the season
    The Messiah that died and lived again

  14. The Nails that pierced His hands and legs
    The Good News of His resurrection

  15. Overzealous sacrifice Jesus made
    His Obedience to death
    Mount Olives, where He prayed

  16. Pontius Pilate who washed His hands off of Jesus’ death
    Palm Sunday
    Peter, who denied Him thrice
    Purity that comes from His sacrifice
    Christ’s Persecution

  17. Christ’s Quest through His death to resurrection

  18. The Resurrection of Jesus
    The Risen Christ
    Rejoice! He Lives!
    Reconciliation to God with His death
    The Rabbit that hops around

  19. Salvation that comes from His Resurrection
    Saints, which we all become once we believe
    Spring, the season of celebration
    His Sacrifice on the Cross
    The Sufferings He endured
    By His Stripes we are healed
    The Last Supper
    Palm Sunday, when He rode into Jerusalem
    Easter Sunday, the last day of the celebration
    The Stone that was rolled away

  20. Thomas, the one who doubted
    The Triumphal entry into Jerusalem
    Tomb, where He was laid
    Thirty pieces of silver, the payment for betrayal
    Thrice the cock crowed after Peter’s denial
    Twelve Disciples
    The Thorns that pierced His head
    The Torment and Torture He went through
    Three days of His death
    The Three crosses at the hill
    Thirty Three, the age He died.

  21. The melodious Uproar that goes on all over the world
    The Unmovable door that the angel rolled away

  22. His grave was sealed and guarded like a Vault
    the Violets that fill the garden
    The Victory of His resurrection

  23. The Whips He received
    The Worship His disciples gave after He resurrected
    The Waiting period from death to resurrection

  24. XL, the extra large sacrifice He made
    X marks the spot for the Easter treasure hunt fun

  25. The Yoke He bore

  26. Christ’s Zealous victory on the Cross
    The Zany way the world feels on Easter day

There you have it: the free abc Easter card verses all the way to x, y, and z. Did you notice that some of these would work for abc Christmas greeting card verses as well?

Nonetheless, there are so many other words and symbols that suit Easter card verses just fine. So feel free to use these ones here or come up with your own.

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