Ideas for Making Creative Cards

by Cecil

Creative cards, as the name suggests, needs some flare rather than the same old fashioned way of card making. Likewise, the extra things that make a card standout, when compared to other cards, is based on how far you are willing to apply your creativity (or creativeness). That’s what I love about this short video below:

You can make creative cards for various occasions, ages, and categories. For instance, a card that’s for a baby should have a childish theme, while the one for adults should be appealing and attractive in a different manner. This means that how you apply yourself and your card, could change to better suit different occasions. Here are some ideas on that:

First and foremost, your card grabs attention with its outlook. Hence, the outlook should be aesthetic and commendable.

Secondly, choose a more creative opening method as this will catch the immediate attention of the person who views the card. By opening method, I mean whether it opens or folds in one way, two ways, or multiple ways like an accordion for example.

Thirdly, fill the front page with figures, pictures, and art based on the intended occasion. For instance, in the case of baby cards, go for a teddy bear picture. And, in the case of a teenager’s card, go for some music related graphics or pictures of the latest musician that teenager is into. Also, in the case of a grownup's card, go for some love related pictures, graphics, or humor.

Fourthly, fill the inside of the card with some inspiring words that will bring a sparkle in the reader’s eyes. Yes, the greeting card message has to be creative too. This is especially important for the grownup's card. Hence, use sentences with good meaning.

Finally, show that the card is worth every penny spent. Why? Deep down, this is what people really expect. In other words, make the card in a manner that proves it deserves being bought. This will make the person that receives the card filled with the kind of emotions you really want her or him to emote.

These ideas above, filled with creativity, will surely fill the person that will receive your card with joy and gladness.

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