Create E-Invites from Your Invitation Cards for Free

Turn the cons of e-invites into pros. And use your invitation cards to create e-invites that will make your guests look forward to your party or event.

Just like invitation cards, your e-invites tell your guests what to expect from your party or event.

Don't know what electronic invitations or e-invites are? Fundamentally, if you send a text with the date, time, and venue of an event, you’ve just sent an electronic invitation. In the same sense, if you post a sentence online containing similar information, you’ve just created an e-invite. However, in reality, there’s more to it than that.

From this, it's obvious that electronic invitations play an important role in today’s event planning. Nonetheless, they sometimes lack personal touch. So, don’t be blind to this and their other disadvantages. Instead, proactively turn those cons into benefits.

By the way, e-invites are also know as invitation electronic cards, invitation ecards, and ecard invites

Advantages of invitation ecards include:

  1. There’s one source for your invitations. Consequently, no one can say it was lost in the mail.

  2. You are not limited by space or size. Thus, you can include all the things, stories, and pieces of information you couldn’t squeeze into a regular card.

  3. You can use it to simply announce the event to people that live too far away to attend. This means, you don’t necessarily have to take the time and money to create and send an invitation card to someone you already know cannot attend unless you just want to.

  4. If there's someone you don't want to attend but you still have to inform about your party, an e-invite is perfect for that.

  5. If you’ve made an invitation card that’s too complex or too expensive to recreate, you can showcase it in an e-invite and use it to invite many people. For example, if you’ve created an animated card like a pop up invitation, you can record and use the video of that card in the e-invite.

Now, for disadvantages and possible solutions:

  1. As mentioned already, ecard invites could connote a lack of personal touch. Hence, from time to time, you may run into people that feel that they were not properly or personally invited because they didn’t get an actual card. This is even worse if your e-card invite is just generic with a few lines of text.

    To resolve this, personalize the invitation. One idea is to show your guests you’ve created a physical card for them by including pictures of the card in the e-invite instead of just a caricature or cartoon from a generic ecard site.

  2. Electronic invitations could give the impression that your party or event is going to be the same ol’ cookie cutter occasion. People are busy busy busy - or at least they want you to think so even if they are not. Hence, they don’t want you to take their time for granted.

    Therefore, if they feel they already know that your event will turn out blah because you sent a generic e-invite, they may start making plans on how to leave early or avoid it altogether.

    As a solution, don’t make a generic e-invite. Just as before, find ways to personalize it. The e-invite should make them look forward to your party.

  3. Invitation electronic cards could make your guests think you’re too self-centered to properly host them. In truth, the event is really all about you the celebrant. Nonetheless, your guests are quietly wondering “what’s in it for me?” Thus, an e-invite could give the wrong answer to this question.

    To proactively give the right answer, add substance to the e-invite to show that you have your guests in mind. Include interactive maps and directions to the venue (by adding "embed code"). Append your agenda or plans. This way, they will know that you’re putting together an event that they would surely enjoy.

  4. Again, due to the intangible nature of electronic invitations, your guests may wrongfully think you do not truly want them to attend but just want to inform them of your party.

    On the other hand, if your guests see that you took the time to make or buy a card and decided to showcase and tell them about it, it may change their minds. Furthermore, engaging your guests by inviting them to RSVP, rate, like, and comment on the e-invite goes a long way.

Are you trying to choose between physical cards and electronic invites?

It's worth repeating that, since invitation cards set the tone for the event, your e-invites should do the same.

Even if you’re going to send actual invitation cards to all your guests, it’s wise to still create an e-invite at a single centralized location that those guests can get to. Better yet, use the invitation card to create your electronic invitation. There's a form below for this purpose.

The point is: don't choose. Instead, use both.

There are many places online for e-invites. So, why should you use this site?

In truth, many places, services, and sites give you the option to build your electronic invitations. So, why do it here?

  • At most of the other sites, you have to pay for it.
  • Apart from this, they usually expire after your event is over.

Over here, you don’t have to worry about either of these. It’s free! And they’ll never expire.

So what do you have to lose? Transform your invitation cards into e-invites and invite your guests below....

Turn Your Invitation Cards into E-Invites

Do you have an invitation card for a party or event that’s coming up? Then, feel free to showcase it below. Next, you could invite your guests to RSVP while they rate your invitation.

The coolest thing about this kind of e-invite is that, you can include all sorts of things that wouldn’t fit into a regular card. And, it's free.

Not sure what to include? You could start with: what’s the event or party about? Where and when will it take place? Will you add "embed code" for interactive maps and directions to the venue? What's special on the agenda or menu. Is there a theme or color? Why did you pick that color or theme? What do you love about your invitation card? Did you make it yourself? If so, how did you put it together?

Plus, add anything else you want to elaborate on for your guests.

Want to include a video about this? Just copy the "embed code" and paste it below!

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