A Musical Birthday Card for Mom

by Asia
(Cleveland,OH )

Some recording devices for making musical birthday cards

Some recording devices for making musical birthday cards

For my lovely mom's birthday card, I wanted to make sure I gave her a thoughtful card to illuminate her day before she took a birthday trip out of town. While attempting to select the right card that will make a lasting impression, I was immediately swarmed with the possibility of so many vivid cards showing groups of radiant colors and themes.

I have to admit, while facing a staggering amount of creative birthday greeting card options, I had no idea what style or shades to pursue. Then, I remembered that to pick out any card for someone, it is important to consider that individual’s personal taste with a snazzy theme.

Making the perfect birthday card

My mother is an easygoing and jubilant woman who loves the sound of music by great singers. I grew up in a home where music was like a lifeline. Also, humor has also always been welcome in our home. So, I searched for a way to tie in some humor and cheerful music at the same time.

Apart from this, I knew she was taking a trip to celebrate her birthday and hence, she was ready for an evening of dining, shopping, and travel. So I decided to combine music, humor, and travels.

Therefore, for my final decision, I made a birthday greeting card that played the song “Celebration” when opened. Also, I used a humorous one liner on the front with graphics that showed a woman holding a suitcase to travel to the Bahamas. I decided to create this type of card for my Mom because I wanted to make sure that it was the ideal one that she would enjoy and remember.

The verdict: she loved it!

I was really happy when I saw her expression because she started smiling and laughing in the room with everyone else. It was great because my mom opened the card and let the tune play a few times while our family danced to it. I knew that greeting card would suit her best because of her intense love for every variety of music.

By the way, I also gave her jewelry. However, I was proud that I had chosen the right card that permanently placed a beaming smile on her face and left her revving with excitement before her trip!

Essentially, it’s good to always keep personal tastes in mind. This adds a unique touch and makes a statement. Hence, the birthday card remains appreciated long after the big day is gone. This works, no matter who the card is for.

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