Stolen Birthday Card for My Mom

by Phil Steward
(Willingboro, NJ, US)

One time, I got an awesome birthday card for my Mom who lives 400 miles away in North Carolina. She loves to laugh so I take every chance I get to give her a giggle.

I saw this hilarious card in the store and I just had to get it. The cover showed a guy who looked much shaken from a long process. Above this picture was a long paragraph describing the ordeal he went through to get this birthday greeting card for the celebrant.

The paragraph included things like an angry sales clerk and price-check issues at checkout, a crying baby, annoying shopping mall music, tired feet, gurgling tummy, and more. This guy really went through a lot.

At the end of the paragraph it reads "I hope you really like this card..." and on the inside, it continues "Because I stole it."

As soon as I read it I knew she would bust out laughing. That’s why I bought it (…or stole it).

CGCI’s Comment:
What a card, right? That’s why I’m on a quest to find it or something similar. I’ll keep you posted on the outcome. Meanwhile, if you find the card before I do, then post a comment about it below.

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